WugLing Linguistics Competition
The WugLing Cup endeavors to convene inclusive, substantive, and intellectually stimulating thematic linguistic competitions. Modeled after the protocols of field research, the competition's thematic structure affords participants an immersive experience akin to the intricate nuances of linguistic inquiry. In addition to the competitive aspect, the WugLing Cup periodically hosts linguistic workshops, with a commitment to disseminating profound and captivating linguistic insights, thereby enticing a broader cohort of enthusiasts to venture into the expansive domain of linguistics.
Immersive Linguistic Quests


Field-Inspired Challenges
Compete in tasks that simulate original field research, capturing the thrill of linguistic discovery.


Thematic Puzzles
This year's theme 'Archipelagos' offers a sea of mysteries to navigate and unravel.


Collaborative Workshops
Engage in workshops aimed at demystifying the enchanting world of linguistics for all.
Question Design
The WugLing linguistic competition not only encompasses objective questions involving fundamental linguistic knowledge, such as multiple-choice, and IOL-style logic puzzles but also includes subjective response questions that involve interdisciplinary knowledge. This allows participants to flexibly apply their accumulated knowledge to answer questions from multiple dimensions, thereby lowering the entry barrier to the competition.
Vision of WugLing
Intellectual Depth
Providing a platform for academic rigor within a community sharing a passion for language.
Whether enchanted by literature or driven by logic, all curious minds are welcome.
Fueling interest in linguistics through challenges that engage and enlighten.
Identifying Talent
An expansive network of linguistics enthusiasts engage annually.
Prizes Given
Competitors from across the globe contribute to the event's international flair.
Distinct From IOL
Unlike IOL's purely logical puzzles, WugLing prioritizes real-world language data analysis and fieldwork.
Discovery and Passion
Interdisciplinary Splash
Indulge in a stimulating blend of linguistics intersecting with various disciplines.
Educational Experience
Attend workshops and challenges that cater to both newcomers and seasoned linguists.
Unveiling Interests
Unearth passions in linguistics and integrated studies through engaging activities.
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